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Mill Cliff A Pipe Not a Pipe
Not a Pipe Not a Pipe Pair
Pair Bull Cliff Bull Cliff
Bull Cliff Bull Cliff Scaleable Bluff
Scaleable Bluff Scaleable Bluff Yellow Bluff
Yellow Bluff Butte w/Contrails Butte w/Contrails
Excavatior Excavatior Excavatior
Escarpment Escarpment Escarpment
Loose Bluff Loose Bluff Welcome
Mast w/Funnel Copper Mast Mast w/Washers
Mast w/Washers Mast w/Braces Harley
Harley Ora's Shelf w/Beads Ora's Shelf w/Beads
Die Work Female Mast Blue w/Clamp
Limbs Limbs Blue w/Stainless
Chicago Towers Jayne Byrne Expressway November Storm
View From Studio Roof on Racine Ave Window Wall
Ora's Shelf w/Beads View Larger Image
Steel and Gemstones. 2020. 12.5 x 5 x 3 in

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